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Cultural Producer & PhD Researcher
Contemporary Art & Performance

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Florence Fitzgerald-Allsopp is a cultural producer and PhD researcher in the field of contemporary art and performance. Working closely and creatively with artists and arts organisations, she has curated and produced a diverse range of international collaborative projects across live performance, visual art and video. She is currently undertaking a Techne funded PhD with the University of Surrey. Her research considers the ethics of interspecies practice in contemporary art and performance, with a particular focus on animals and the deep entanglement of contemporary oppressions. She is also co-editing a book with Prof. Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca on Interspecies Performance – a dialogue between practice and scholarship which aims to foreground an intersectional and ethically oriented approach to human-animal collaboration.



"It’s been so brilliant to experience your tenacity, diligence, warmth and smiles. To watch you work, to work alongside you, to note your care and consideration for the artists, speakers, stewards and volunteers to whom you came into contact throughout the crazy run up and intense delivery."

Helen Cole, Artistic Director & Co-CEO, In Between Time

"Flo is thorough and positive, brings energy and commitment to a team and is able to switch between roles as an artistic leader, a dedicated supporting team member and a strong independent creative. She brings an open-minded, creative and flexible approach to her work with us, which covers a broad range of tasks including curating, programming and producing." 

Geraldine Giddings, Senior Producer, Cirque Bijou 

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